How Sell/Buy Items

Piglin does not have a server shop. All shops are made by players, and you can create one too. If you are looking for a shop, use /warps to look through the warps, many of which are shops. You can sell to shops by left clicking on the shop sign or buy from shops by right clicking on the shop sign. You can also hold shift when clicking in order to sell/buy in bulk.

How To Create a Chestshop

Step 1: Place a chest in the area you would like to set up your shop.

Step 2: Put the item you want to sell inside of the chest. Make sure that other than that item, the chest is empty.

Step 3: Sneak (hold shift) and right click to place a sign on the chest.

Step 4: Leave the first line blank. Don't type anything in it.

Step 5: Type the quantity on the second line. This is the number of items that will be bought per click.

Step 6: On the third line, type a B if you’d like people to buy items from you or an S if you want people to sell items to you. Also on the third line, include the price without a currency sign.

Step 7: Type ? on the fourth line, it will automatically be updated with the name of the item when you finish.

Step 8: Hit Esc to close the sign gui. You are done! The first line will autofill with your name if you did it correctly.

Step 9: (Optional) Setting a warp to your shop will help players find your shop and buy from it. For help on setting up warps, click here.

Note: The final product, especially the second line, may look different than the photo above due to updates.

Special Chestshops

Once you have the basics down, you can try to create more complicated shops. See below for more examples

Sign Locations

You can place shop signs anywhere around the sign. The above example shows just one of the many locations you can place them.

Free Shops

You can make a shop that gives away stuff for free by putting B FREE on the third line. You can also make a donation shop where players can donate you items by putting S FREE on the third line.

Bulk Shops

You can put any integer number on the quantity line. You can use this to sell multiple stacks at a time.

Combined Shops

You can make a buy and sell shop using one just 1 sign. In the above example, a player can buy an emerald for $10 or can sell it for $5.