What Are Warps

Warps allow for easy teleportation from one point to another. Some warps such as warp welcome and warp crates are admin owned, but most are owned by players. These are commonly used for shops and towns but can be used for a lot more.

How To Create Your Own Warp

You can use these commands to create and manage your own warp. Some of these commands can also be used to view information about your own or other player's warps.

/iwarp create <warpname> <days>
This command will create a new warp. Fill in the field <warpname> with the the name of your warp. Warps cost $500 every day, and will not automatically renew. You will specify the number of days you want your warp to stay up in the <days> parameter. You will always be able to extend your warp duration before it expires as long as you have enough money. There is no limit to the number of warps you can own as long as you can afford them.

/iwarp renew <warpname> <days>
This command will extend the duration of a warp. You can use this on your own warp or another player's warp. You will be charged $500 per day. If a warp has expired, you can not use this renew command to recreate the warp. Instead, you must use the create command shown above.

/iwarp move <warpname>
This command will move your own warp to a new location.

/iwarp rename <oldname> <newname>
This command will change the name of your warp.

/iwarp transfer <warpname> <newowner>
This command will give ownership of your warp to another player.

/iwarp list <playername>
This command will list all warps owned by a given player.

/iwarp info <warpname>
This command will tell you information about a warp such as the the owner and remaining time before it expires.