1. Chat


Sending messages which make it difficult to read chat is prohibited. Warp names must also follow this rule.


Advertising another Minecraft server in a public channel or in direct messages to many people is prohibited. However, discussing other Minecraft servers is allowed, as is asking a close friend to join another server using direct messages. Posting links to a stream or channel is allowed if the content creator is streaming Piglin or if the channel is dedicated solely to Piglin. Discord names, warp names, mob names, item names, and item lores must also follow these rules.

Sensitive Topics

Do not talk about sensitive topics in public chat such as religion, politics, and adult content. Offensive and disturbing language, as well as links to this type of content, is also prohibited. Discussing self-harm or other deeply negative experiences is prohibited. Pigin is not the place to get help for this. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides confidential support for people in distress if you need it. Discord names, discord bios, warp names, mob names, item names, and item lores must also follow these rules.


Be respectful to others. Bullying, harassing, discriminating, and annoying other players are prohibited. This includes name-calling, hate speech, and impersonation. Swearing on Piglin is allowed, but can not be directed at another player. Racial, homophobic, or other slurs are not allowed. These rules also apply to messages outside of the Minecraft Server.

Foreign Languages

When speaking in public chat channels or on any of the Discord channels, you should speak in English only. You can use private messages (/pm), party chat (/party), or direct messages on Discord if you wish to speak in another language.

Warp Names

Warp names cannot begin with a prefix for the purpose of bringing it to the front of the warps list.

2. Property


Griefing or stealing from any player is prohibited, even if their base appears to be unclaimed or abandoned. This means you can not modify another player's build in any way without their explicit permission.


Scamming is prohibited. All involved parties must know the terms of any agreement. If you wish to trade in-game items for something from the Piglin webstore, only do so with trusted players, and make sure to transfer the virtual items before buying from the Piglin webstore. Trading in-game items for anything outside of the Piglin webstore is prohibited.

Build Locations

Keep your builds a respectable distance away from your neighbors unless they explicitly give you permission to build near them. This typically means that your build should not be visible from their build.

Build Content

Constructing objects that can reasonably be considered offensive or sexually explicit is prohibited. Traps such as sealed nether portals are also prohibited. Avoid building things that lag the server.

3. Clients

Modified clients that give you an advantage over other players such as hacked clients and x-ray mods/resource packs are prohibited.

The following modifications are allowed:

4. Alternative Accounts

Alternative accounts are prohibited.

5. AFK

Your character can not take any actions while AFK. This means you can not use afk pools or auto-clicking scripts. As long as you do not break this rule, you are allowed to AFK for as long as you would like without being automatically kicked.

6. Common Sense

This section has further information on some common "is x allowed" questions.

Not Allowed

  • Don't ask who is on nosleep, and don't ask players to remove themselves from it. They have added themselves to the list for a reason.

  • Don't argue with staff. They know what they are doing.

  • Impersonating other players or staff is not allowed.

  • If you believe that someone made a mistake on their shop sign, you cannot use that shop, and should instead alert the owner.

  • Item duping and other exploits are not allowed. This includes tnt duping. If you find a dupe or exploit that works on Piglin, please report it by creating a ticket on the Discord.

  • If someone summons the dragon, do not help to kill it unless they ask you to. You must also let them have the dragon egg and xp.

  • Don't try to find a hookup on Piglin. This is not a dating app.

  • Don't Discord dm staff for help. Instead, open a support ticket. This way, all available staff can help with the issue.

  • Don't ping staff on Discord for personal issues such as grief/scams. Instead, open a ticket and patiently wait. You can ping staff on Discord only for emergencies such as if the server is offline.

  • Don't use world downloaders, seed crackers, or hacked clients.

  • If someone accidentally buys/sells to your chestshop and asks for a refund, you must grant their request.


  • Using the 'clay diamond method' and other generation-based shortcuts is allowed.

  • Automatic farms are allowed, but make sure that you do not break our afk rules while using them.

  • Buying out a player's shop is allowed, but they can ban you from visiting their shop if you do this.

  • Towns are allowed, but they often stir up a lot of drama. Please be clear on your town rules and do not expect staff to help out with tasks such as removing an inactive player's build from your town before the inactivity requirement has been met.

  • Flying machines are allowed, but they only work in claims.