How to Vote

Vote using the links below or by clicking the links after typing /vote in-game.

  • MCMP has a daily timer which resets at 12AM eastern time.

  • MCSL has a daily timer which resets at 6PM eastern time

  • MCSO has a daily timer which resets at 8PM eastern time.

  • TOPG has a 12 hour timer.

On each website, fill in your name in the text box, submit the captcha, then submit the vote. You can once on each website every day. Click here to see an example of voting on MCMP.

While in-game, the command /vgui will show you information about your voting status such as when you can vote next, your total number of votes, and the time of your last vote. While on Discord, you can react to the message in #faq for similar information.

Why Vote

When you vote for Piglin, you are helping the community grow by pushing Piglin higher on the top server lists. When this happens, more players join Piglin. Some of those players could become a great part of our community. Some of those players may even donate to the server, helping pay the costs to run Piglin.

As a thank you for voting, we give you $250 and a crate key which you can redeem at warp crates. Voting is also an important factor in ranking up. More votes lead to a higher rank which has more perks of its own.

We have additional rewards for voting regularly. Voting 28 times in a week will allow you to use /feed for the next 7 days. You can check your weekly votes with the command /vgui.

Additionally, having the highest number of votes for a given month will give you the DRAGON prefix for following 30 days. You can check the monthly top voters with the command /vgui.

Voting Problems

Sometimes voting sites may tell you that you have already voted today. This could be caused by either of the following:

  • Someone has voted on that voting site today using your IP. This often happens when siblings who share the same wifi vote at the same time. Voting sites only allow for 1 vote per day from each IP address. If this is the case, you may want to consider voting with your mobile data rather than with wifi.

  • You voted for another server on the vote site today. MCSO only allows for 1 vote per day from each player. If this is the case, you may need to consider which server you want to use your vote on.

Sometimes voting sites may tell you that the vote was registered, but the vote was never counted on Piglin. If this seems to be the case, take the following actions:

  • Check to make sure that the vote didn't reach Piglin. /votelast will tell you how long ago your last vote was. If you believe it's not representing your most recent vote, continue to the next bullet point.

  • Check to make sure that you didn't vote when the server was down. Piglin cannot register votes while the server is offline or restarting. You can check how long the server has been online in the channel description of the #global channel in the Discord.

  • Check to make sure that we have not posted any announcements about this recently. If voting is going to be offline for an extended period of time, we will post an announcement about it.

Sometimes voting sites will not allow you to click the submit button. If this seems to be the case, take the following action:

  • Your browser may be storing some fauly cookies. Try using a guest or incognito window. If the issue persists, try using a different web broswer or a mobile device.

  • Wait a few minutes. Sometimes if a voting site is under maintenance, it will prevent players from voting.