1.18 Update

What happened? Did Piglin reset?

Well, yes and no. The 1.17 server that you are used to still exists, it was just moved to a new location. You can connect to it with its new IP 17.piglin.org. The IP that you are used to, mc.piglin.org, is being used for our new 1.18 server.

Why did this happen?

I posted a poll in the Piglin Discord asking people to share their feedback on what we should do for 1.18. After looking at the results of the Discord poll, listening to people's opinions in the Discord thread, and a conversation among staff, we decided it would be best to create a new server for 1.18

What can I do to stay up to date?

Join the Discord! I send announcements whenever anything big is happening. And the Discord has so many other great uses too! You can join the Discord by clicking here.