Ranks are earned through voting. You can learn more about voting here. You can check your total votes with the Minecraft command /vgui and use this to calculate how close you are to the next rank.


0 votes
  • 1 home.

  • Teleport to another player with /tpa.

  • Teleport randomly with /rtp.

  • Teleport to a warp with /warp

  • Prevent damage to named mobs with /setclaimflag protectnamedmobs.


4 votes
  • 2 homes.

  • Prevent chorus fruit from being eaten in your claim with /setclaimflag nochorusfruit.

  • Prevent ender pearls from being used in your claim with /setclaimflag noenderpearl.

  • Prevent vehicles from being placed in your claim with /setclaimflag novehicle.


8 votes
  • 3 homes.

  • Prevent mob damage in your claim with /setclaimflag nomobdamage.

  • Prevent ice from being formed in your claim with /setclaimflag noiceform.

  • Prevent snow from forming with /setclaimflag nosnowform.


16 votes
  • 4 homes.

  • Stop plants from growing and blocks from spreading with /setclaimflag nogrowth.

  • Stop leaves from decaying with /setclaimflag noleafdecay.

  • Prevent vines from growing with /setclaimflag novinegrowth.


32 votes
  • 5 homes.

  • Prevent chicken spawns with /setclaimflag nomobspawnstype chicken.

  • Prevent players from dropping items with /setclaimflag noitemdrop.

  • Prevent other players from triggering raids in your claim with /setclaimflag raidmemberonly.


64 votes
  • 6 homes.

  • Create a display protection where players can not modify the contents with /cdisplay.

  • Create a password protection where players must know a password with /cpassword.

  • Create a donation protection where players can add items, but can not remove items with /cdonation.


128 votes
  • 7 homes.

  • Set a hopper flag to allow hoppers on a locked chest with /lwc flag hopper.

  • Set an autoclose flag to force chests, doors, and fence gates to autoclose with /lwc flag autoclose.


256 votes
  • 8 homes.

  • Prevent fall damage in your claim with /setclaimflag nofalldamage.

  • Prevent fire damage in your claim with /setclaimflag nofiredamage.

  • Prevent explosion damage in your claim with /setclaimflag noexplosiondamage.


512 votes
  • 9 homes.

  • Fly in your overworld claims with /setclaimflag ownerfly.

  • Get infinite arrows in your claim with /setclaimflag infinitearrows.


1024 votes
  • 10 homes.

  • Prevent item damage with /setclaimflag noitemdamage.

  • Prevent monster damage with /setclaimflag noplayerdamagebymonster.

  • Let your friends fly in your overworld claims with /setclaimflag ownerfly.


  • A custom rank name.

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