• The starting rank on Piglin.

Silver (10 votes)

  • 2 sethomes
  • Prevent chorus fruit from being eaten in your claim with /setclaimflag nochorusfruit.
  • Prevent ender pearls from being used in your claim with /setclaimflag noenderpearl.
  • Prevent ice from being formed in your claim with /setclaimflag noiceform.
  • Prevent mob damage in your claim with /setclaimflag nomobdamage.
  • Prevent vehicles from being placed in your claim with /setclaimflag novehicle.
  • Prevent other players from triggering raids in your claim with /setclaimflag raidmemberonly.

Gold (25 votes)

  • Create display chests with /cdisplay
  • 3 sethomes
  • Stop fluid flow in your claims with /setclaimflag nofluidflow
  • Stop plants from growing and blocks from spreading with /setclaimflag nogrowth
  • Stop leaves from deaying with /setclaimflag noleafdecay
  • Stop snow from forming with /setclaimflag nosnowform
  • Stop vines from growing with /setclaimflag novinegrowth

Crystal (50 votes)

  • 4 sethomes
  • Allow pvp in your claim with /setclaimflag allowpvp
  • Set a claim greeting with /setclaimflag entermessage
  • Set a claim farewell with /setclaimflag exitmessage
  • Set flags for your locks with /lwc flag

Master (100 votes)

  • Create password locks with /cpassword
  • 5 sethomes
  • Prevent players from dropping items in your claim with /setclaimflag noitemdrop
  • Stop players from opening doors/gates/trapdoors in your claim with /setclaimflag noopendoors

Champion (250 votes)

  • Create donation locks with /cdonation
  • Stop fall damage in your claim with /setclaimflag nofalldamage
  • Stop fire damage in your claim with /setclaimflag nofiredamage
  • 6 sethomes

Titan (500 votes)

  • Fly in your claims with /setclaimflag ownerfly
  • 7 sethomes

Legend (1000 votes)

  • 8 sethomes