In order to optimize the server performance, several changes have been made which could alter the way mob farms work. The most notable changes are as follows:

  • The hostile mob cap is 15 hostile mobs per player.

  • The soft despawn range is 28 and the hard despawn range is 96.

  • The ticking view distance is 3.

  • The server attempts to spawn hostile mobs every 4 ticks.

  • If more than 4 iron golems are alive within a radius, nearby villages will not spawn any new iron golems.

  • Villagers tick significantly less often when the tps is below 19.

  • Zombies are not aggressive towards villagers when the tps is below 19.

  • Non-player entities cannot enter portals.

  • A chunk will only save up to 1 hopper minecart. Any extras will despawn when the chunk is unloaded.