Mob Spawning

In order to allow for an optimized and balanced mob spawning, several changes have been made to mob spawning which could alter the way mob farms work.

  • Piglin has a hostile mob cap of 15 hostile mobs per player rather than the vanilla cap of 70 per world.

  • Piglin has a soft despawn range of 28 and a hard despawn range of 96. Compare this to vanilla's soft range of 32 and hard range of 128.

  • Piglin has a ticking view distance of 3 rather than the default of 10.

  • Piglin attempts to spawn in hostile mobs every 4 ticks rather than every tick.

  • If more than 4 iron golems are alive within a radius, nearby villages will not spawn any new iron golems.

  • Villagers tick significantly less often when the server's tps is below 19.

  • Zombies are not agressive towards villagers when the server's tps is below 19.