When can claims be removed?

Claims and builds of inactive players can be requested to be removed. Inactivity is determined by the lesser of days offline and days since the player's last vote and will vary according to the player's rank. Inactivity for banned players is capped at 30 days. Claims with subusers will not be removed unless either the subuser is also inactive or if the subuser gives permission. When removing a claim, the terrain will always be regenerated.

  • Novice (0-3 votes): 7 days

  • Guardian (4-7 votes): 14 days

  • Crusader (8-15 votes): 21 days

  • Archon (16-31 votes): 30 days

  • Titan (32-63 votes): 45 days

  • Legend (64-127 votes): 60 days

  • Ancient+ (128+ votes): 90 days

You can check who owns a claim by right clicking it with a stick in your hand. You can check the last vote of a player with the command /vlast <player>. You can also check their vote total with /vtotal<player>.

How to remove a claim

Do not attempt to remove a claim or build yourself as this is considered griefing. Instead, join the Discord and link your account with the in-game command /discord link. Then create a ticket in the Discord #support channel. In your ticket, explain that you would like to remove the claim and provide the coordinates. An admin will come online and remove the claim and build.