Making Money

You can make money through the following ways:

  1. Vote - Use the command /vote. You will receive 1 common key for each site you vote on. To redeem the keys, visit /warp crates.
  2. Shops - You can sell your items to other player shops if the sign has "S" on the 3rd line. You could also make your own shop. A full tutorial can be found at /warp chestshop.
  3. Kits - Use /kit daily to claim your daily money.
  4. Chat - You earn $1 for every message that you send. To prevent spam, there is a 15 second cooldown on this.
  5. Jobs - Players may have jobs for you to do. They can use the command /pay to reward you for your work.


You can use a golden shovel to make claims. You can obtain a free golden shovel by voting for the first time. In claims, other players don't have permission to build, open containers, or even push buttons and open doors. To give your friends permission to build, use /trust while standing in your claim. To give your friends permission to open containers such as chests and furnaces, use /containertrust. To give your friends permission to use buttons, levers, and doors, use /accesstrust. If you would like to give everyone permission in your claim, you can use public as the player name. You can obtain claim blocks using /buyclaimblocks or redeeming crate keys at /warp crates.

You can also make single-block locks with /lock. These blocks can be unlocked with /unlock. You can add players to the lock with /cmodify.

If you choose to use both of these protection methods, please note that to add someone to a container, they must be added to both the claim and the lock.